USA about the false missile alert in Hawaii are working for this...

USA about the false missile alert in Hawaii are working for this to not happen again


США о ложной ракетной тревоге на Гавайях: работаем, чтобы это не повторилось

Hawaiian authorities are expressing outrage of the incident

The Minister of internal security of the United States Kirsten Nielsen on Sunday expressed regret at the false alarm of a missile attack, announced in Hawaii, noting that the authorities “are working to ensure that this does not happen again”.

Officials are still investigating the circumstances of Saturday’s incident when the people of Hawaii got the message: “the Threat of a missile attack on Hawaii. Immediately seek shelter. This is not a drill”. The message was broadcast on television and radio and sent to mobile devices and email addresses.

A few weeks ago because of threats from North Korea to Hawaii was restored to the sirens warning that was not the end of the cold war.

The authorities explained Saturday’s incident was human error.

A member of the house of representatives from Hawaii, Ms. Gabbard Tulsi told CNN: “the Situation where these procedures have failed so terribly that it caused such injury, such horror throughout the Hawaii, must be corrected immediately, and those responsible for it must be brought to justice.”

According to Ms. Gabbard, the incident “really underlines the harsh reality faced by the people of Hawaii,” being the closest US state to North Korea in a period when North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN and U.S. President Donald trump a few months exchanging insults about the nuclear programs of North Korea and missile launches in the DPRK.

Governor of Hawaii David Aydzh said that about rocket trouble, causing panic in the Islands on Saturday morning, was “totally unacceptable. He told reporters that he was “outraged and disappointed” by the situation.

“Today is the day that most of us will never forget – the day when many residents of our state thought that our worst nightmares can become a reality,” he said.

Answering questions of journalists, how could such a mistake occur, the Governor said that his administration is doing everything possible to prevent its repetition.

The head of the Hawaiian Department for emergency situations Vern Miyagi told reporters that the person responsible for sending false reports, “feels awful” in this context. Commenting on reports that journalists are in some places really joined the sirens of the emergency alert Miyagi said that he would have to study the problem.

The mistake was discovered within 20 minutes, but the state took 38 minutes to send the error message to mobile phones, prompting criticism from residents of the Islands, government officials and the media.

Aydzh told CNN that an error occurred during a standard procedure of shift change.

“The employee pressed the wrong button”, he explained.

Deputy press Secretary of the White house Lindsey Walters said that “the President was informed about the development of actions for emergency management in the state of Hawaii”.

“It was just working off of actions at the state level”, she said.

The Chairman of the Federal communications Commission Ajit Pai stated that his office is conducting “a full investigation” distribution of false alarms over wireless networks. The national system of emergency notification is the jurisdiction of the Commission.