USA destroyed Russian tank production in Syria

USA destroyed Russian tank production in Syria


США уничтожили танк российского производства в Сирии

The shot on the tank was done on Sunday in the town of al-Tabiya

A U.S. military drone strike over the weekend destroyed in Syria tank T-72 Russian production, said Tuesday the representatives of the United States.

It was the second defensive strike against Pro-government forces in Syria in less than a week.

The strike was a us drone MQ-9 Reaper on Sunday near the city of al-Tabiya. Casualties among the US-led coalition and supported by a coalition of local forces were not.

Lieutenant General Jeffrey Harrigan, head of the air forces of the USA in the middle East, at a briefing for journalists refused to speculate on who was controlling the tank.

“We found and saw the tank that shot at us, – said Harrigan in a teleconference from Qatar. – He continued to move, so we took advantage of the rules of warfare in self-defense to protect themselves”.

The representative of the American government, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that at least two members of Pro-government forces were killed.