USA, Europe, Australia: marches women continue

USA, Europe, Australia: marches women continue


США, Европа, Австралия: марши женщин продолжаются

In the US the action was timed to the first anniversary of the inauguration of Donald trump

A day after the US celebrated the first anniversary of the women’s March, thousands of people in Europe and Australia on Sunday staged a demonstration of solidarity.

In Las Vegas, Nevada, on Sunday morning, the meeting began under the slogan “Power to the polling stations”. It is expected that there will be activists and members of Congress, who will pay special attention to the problem of voter registration.

A few hours earlier, thousands of women marched through the streets of London, Paris, Sydney and other cities in Europe and Australia in solidarity with similar events in the United States. Many of them were directed against the administration of U.S. President Donald trump.

March of women – 2018 was held on the first anniversary of the inauguration of the trump. Many of the demonstrators carried placards critical of US President. Some had a pink beanie with ears that became popular last year, as a reminder of the obscene remark trump, which he made for many years before he declared his candidacy for President. At least 19 women accusing trump of sexual harassment. The white house denies the charges.

США, Европа, Австралия: марши женщин продолжаются

Many participants in the marches raised a number of other issues, not always related to the rights of women.

“We are not talking about any one topic. There are many issues that affect all of us – women, men, children, immigrants, told the correspondent of “voice of America” Gloria Valencia, who moved to Las Vegas from California five years ago. – I am an immigrant. I wasn’t born in this country. I think we should consider all the aspects of this political struggle that we see are”.

Betty foster came from Ohio to take part in a rally in Las Vegas. She said that the March is “very important” in the context of the current administration, which, she said, “aroused so much evil in the country.”

More than 120 thousand people took part in the protest in Manhattan on Saturday. Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in other American cities, demanding equality in pay and health care, condemning sexual harassment and encouraging women to stand for election.