USA: “the Russian-Proposed mechanism to investigate chemical attacks in Syria does not...

USA: “the Russian-Proposed mechanism to investigate chemical attacks in Syria does not meet standards”


США: «Предложенный Россией механизм расследования химических атак в Сирии не соответствует стандартам»

In Washington believe that our proposal, Moscow wants to divert attention from done on this issue of work

The United States believes that Russia has proposed a new mechanism to investigate chemical attacks in Syria does not meet the standards of investigation and determination of the guilt that was included in earlier versions of similar mechanisms for the authorship of the Security Council.

On Thursday during a briefing at the US state Department said his spokesman Heather Nauert, commenting on the likelihood of reaching a compromise with Moscow on its proposed new mechanism of investigation hematic in Syria.

“If Russia really wanted to bring those responsible for using chemical weapons accountable, she wouldn’t have vetoed three cases the resolutions of the UN Security Council to extend the work of the joint UN mechanism,” said Neuert.

Let me remind you, on 16 November, Russia in the UN Security Council has blocked the us draft resolution on the extension of the work of joint UN and the Organisation for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) to investigate the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

Since the beginning of the war in Syria in 2011, Russia has vetoed the resolution on this country ten times.

“We would also like to pay attention to the moment in which Russia has raised this issue earlier this week. [This happened] at the same time, when U.S. Secretary of state and his colleagues from other countries announced an initiative, led by France, on the same subject. So I think they were just trying to divert attention from all the positive efforts that have been undertaken by these countries on the question of weapons”, – concluded Neuert.

Wednesday, January 24, speaking at a meeting of representatives of 29 countries, Paris, Tillerson said that Russia bears primary responsibility for the deaths during the use of chemical weapons in Syria. Moscow, said Tillerson, broke his promise to act as guarantor of the deal between Washington and Damascus on the destruction of chemical weapons in Syria, concluded in 2013.

The head of the American foreign Ministry has launched in Paris on the initiative of the “International partnership against impunity in the use of chemical weapons”. The initiative is directed mainly against the Syrian government repeatedly used chemical weapons against the civilian population.