Veterans of diplomacy, called for objectivity in reporting the expenditure on the...

Veterans of diplomacy, called for objectivity in reporting the expenditure on the resettlement of refugees


Ветераны дипломатии призвали к объективности в отчетах о расходах на расселение беженцев

10 former senior officials and experts sent a letter to U.S. Secretary of state

Former employees of the state Department and the immigration and naturalization service sent a letter to Secretary of state Tillerson Rex, called to balance the two reports on the resettlement of refugees, taking into account the benefits that refugees bring to the country.

In June, Reuters reported on the controversy over reports that President trump ordered to prepare to March. Four former and current officials said that, in their opinion, the administration is trying to present the arguments in favor of limiting the admission of refugees through a distorted analysis.

White house spokesman then denied the assumption that the reports are biased.

One of the main points of the electoral program of the trump was the restriction of immigration and the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico. Disposing of report that should be ready in September, he was not asked to consider economic and diplomatic benefits of refugee resettlement, which, according to experts, over time, can be significant.

“We believe that the evaluation of the long-term costs of the program of reception of refugees should also take account of long-term economic and social benefits of the program, and if this is not done, the picture may be biased,” reads the letter sent Tillerson 10 former senior officials and scholars.

The letter was sent Wednesday and made public Thursday.

In the first report trump ordered to calculate “the approximate amount of the long-term costs associated with the program of reception of refugees at the Federal and local levels, and to make recommendations to limit these costs.” In the second report must contain an assessment of “how many refugees can be kept in the primary countries of asylum (located next door to their native countries) by the same amount, which is required in the long term for their resettlement in the United States, given the benefits throughout life at the Federal level, state level and local level, as well as the comparative costs of providing similar benefits in other places.”

Among the signatories – Arthur Dewey and Eric Schwartz, in the past held the post of assistant Secretary of state for population, refugees and migration, as well as former Deputy Commissioner of the Department of immigration and naturalization Myrtle, Sail and three former chief consultants Management.