#video of the day | how to entertain yourself in the game...

#video of the day | how to entertain yourself in the game L. A. Noire: The VR Case Files


Virtual reality is not only a wonderful way to return to your favorite games and to appear directly within them, but also the opportunity to have fun, mocking the characters of the second plan, or to experiment with the physics of the virtual world. Not so long ago we told you about a portable version of the wonderful game L. A. Noire, released for the Nintendo console Switch. Today we offer you to watch the hilarious video, captured on the basis of another version of LA Noire with the subtitle The VR Case Files, released for the HTC Vive headset.

It should be noted that recorded and edited this video themselves not the developers, and just fans of the game from YouTube channel GTA Series Videos, not deprived sense of humour. They are plenty of playing with the game physics, they make fun of the main character and his team-mates, drew a detective Phelps Notepad with a pencil and turned the suspects in the cartoons. In General, the guys did everything to bring on our faces, sincere smiles. We offer you to familiarize yourself with this funny video below. However, we warn you that in the video there are scenes which are undesirable for children to watch. After all we are talking about a Noir game, in which the protagonist has to investigate the murder.

If you are the proud owner of the HTC Vive headset, highly recommended L. A. Noire: The VR Case Files to acquire. In this version of the game only seven investigations of the original, but even them you will be more than enough to spend a couple of evenings. You will be able to search and examine evidence, to drive behind the wheel of a police car, to participate in the chases and fights, to interview dozens of suspects and decide which of them is telling the truth and who is blatantly lying, and much, much more. The game is sold on Steam and costs 1499 rubles.