#video | the Everyday life of the Guinness book of records: 1000...

#video | the Everyday life of the Guinness book of records: 1000 at the same time the dancing robot


Getting robots into the Guinness book of records has long ceased to be something extraordinary. For example, not so long ago in China 1069 identical robots synchronously executed incendiary dance.

For the production of the record was used robots Dobi height of 47 inches each. The robots produced by the Chinese company WL Intelligent Technology, and managed using a mobile app.

It is noteworthy that this case is the third over the past year, when he set a new world record in the category “the largest number of simultaneously dancing robots.”

In April last year, the company UBTECH Robotics has set a record of simultaneous dance, using 540 robots. After a couple of months Ever Win Company “forced” to dance is already 1007 robots. And now WL Intelligent Technology broke the record again. Dance you can see in the video below. Unfortunately, several robots fell during execution of the dance, so their participation, unfortunately, was not counted.