Virtual reality will teach what to do during a fire

Virtual reality will teach what to do during a fire


Most of us surely knows how to act in any given emergency situation. Many even had special exercises, simulating dangerous phenomena. But in all this there is one catch: everything we know only in theory. Of course, no one voluntarily climbed to, say, a burning house just to “get experience” of survival in these conditions. But with the advent of new technologies and the proliferation of virtual reality to risk their lives and do not need. Simply put on the VR helmet.

As you probably already guessed, we will focus on the training system of virtual reality, which will show you what to do in case of fire. The system itself received the name of Fire Extinguishing VR Experience Simulator, and for the development meet NEC and MX Mobiling Co Ltd. VR Experience Simulator Fire Extinguishing is powered by the Galaxy Gear VR device, where the display can act as its Galaxy smartphones or Galaxy S8 S8+, and to control uses a special controller in the shape of a fire extinguisher.

“Simulation of fire suppression” can simulate a fire in enclosed spaces and outdoors. “Managing” the fire computer with specialized software that creates a realistic behavior of flames, consuming the environment, controls the currents of wind and smoke. Now the system is able to simulate the situation of a fire in the office and in the future the developers plan to add a kitchen, an apartment and some industrial premises.

The final cost of the entire kit (including telephone) will be equal to 9 thousand dollars. In the first 3 years after release, the developers plan to sell to customers at least 3 thousand sets. As customers will be educational institutions, large corporations and service on fight against emergency situations.