Vladimir Putin agreed with the Prime Minister of Serbia at the presidential...

Vladimir Putin agreed with the Prime Minister of Serbia at the presidential elections


The Russian leader expressed confidence that relations between the two countries will develop friendly and positive

Photo: press-service of administration of the President of Russia/kremlin.EN

In the Kremlin have passed negotiations of the Russian President and Prime Minister of Serbia. Vladimir Putin and Aleksandar Vucic have discussed bilateral relations and the situation on the Balkan Peninsula. The Russian leader also wished the head of the Serbian government good luck in the upcoming presidential elections, noting that Moscow will cooperate with any force which will support the voters of Serbia.

– We know that very soon the presidential elections in Serbia to be held. We are confident that elections in today’s environment, in today’s Serbia, will be held at the highest level. Wish success to the current government. But no matter how evolved political situation, we have no doubt that the relations between our countries will develop positively also in the spirit of friendship that exists and that characterized our relationship in recent years, – said Vladimir Putin to Alexander Vucic, which is the main candidate for the post of President.

The Russian leader noted that thanks to the efforts of the Serbian government headed by Vucic, the trade turnover between Russia and Serbia started to grow.

– We have in the past year has seen a slight increase – about two percent – in trade. Thanks to the efforts of your government, this result is achieved mainly due to the growth of exports from Serbia to Russia. And here are the leaders, the growth of supply of agricultural products with Serbia, where about 40 percent cited data from the Russian President.

Vladimir Putin has proposed to the Serbian counterpart to discuss the situation in the region, which, according to the Russian leader, is somewhat deteriorated.

About the problem of the Balkans, Serbian Prime Minister chose to speak in Russian.

– I would like to say that we need to thank you – you personally and the Russian Federation for support of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Serbia. And, as you said, I hope and I am sure that we will have enough opportunities to increase our trade and economic relations. Together we will also discuss the situation in the region. I think it is very important for us, for Russia too. It is important to say that, as you know, we remain committed to our national independence, freedom and military neutrality, said the Serbian Prime Minister expressed confidence that relations between the two countries in the future will only grow.

One of the important areas of cooperation of Moscow and Belgrade in the military technical cooperation, which intensified on the background of strengthening of the Croatian army. An agreement has been reached on the transfer of Serbian air forces of six MiG-29 fighters. It is also planned to send to Serbia, several dozens of armored vehicles: T-72 tanks and armored vehicles BRDM-2. The Serbian military also expressed interest in buying the Russian modern air defense.