Volvo will start selling electrogrooving in 2019

Volvo will start selling electrogrooving in 2019


Swedish car manufacturer Volvo is going before the end of this year to complete work on his electric truck, and in the following year to begin his sales — reports Electrek.

Volvo plans to switch to manufacturing electric cars is included in long-term plans, but yet to completely abandon cars with internal combustion engines no one is going. However on a truck with the power companies are making big bets — its sales will show whether the market is ready to accept the electric car of this class.

The first model to appear electrogrooving medium-duty — now the company has all the necessary expertise to perform the task before the end of the year. The necessary experience in the production of electric vehicle specialists have gained, working on the creation of hybrid electric buses and trucks. Despite the fact that mass production of electric trucks will start only in the next, 2019, some customers will receive the orders before the end of this year.

These small trucks are designed primarily for the city, so their capacity likely will not exceed four or five tons, but in the future Volvo is going to release and large trucks.

Now Volvo is actively cooperating with the gas networks, power companies and authorities to ensure its new electrically powered cars worthy of entry into the market.