VTB24 was the first to launch voice identification

VTB24 was the first to launch voice identification


Next year, the second-largest retail Bank will identify the client’s voice

Photo: TASS/AP/Lefteris Pitarakis

The second largest retail Bank VTB24 intends to become the first credit institution, which will launch voice customer identification. At the beginning of next year, and in the third quarter completed the pilot of this project. Then, if the results will satisfy the Bank and its customers, the latter will be available for this type of biometric identification. About it in exclusive interview (read in one of the upcoming issues) “news” said the President — Chairman of VTB24 Mikhail Zadornov. Earlier plans of introducing a voice-recognition “news” reported, the head of Sberbank German Gref. However, the country’s largest Bank going to do it in two or three years.

As told “Izvestia” Mikhail Zadornov, the Bank prepared a major technology project for speech Analytics, which will be used in the call center. The machine will identify the customer by voice and operate according to his instructions.

Clients in this case will not need to remember a code word. It will be a normal voice identification, — said the head of VTB 24.

In a press-service of the credit institution the “news” has explained how this system will work.

Client initially leaves its voice cast to the Bank. In his subsequent appeals lifted a previously recorded snapshot and compared to the current voice of the customer. If the results of the comparison is positive, the system gives the operator a signal, and we, in the ideal case, complete the identification procedure automatically, — told in the VTB 24.

As said Mikhail Zadornov, the clients that will be authenticated automatically, will be able to perform different operations.

According to the plans of VTB24, the pilot project starts in the first quarter of 2017 and will be completed in the third quarter of the same year. According to the official representative of the Bank, the launch of the technology will largely depend on the results of piloting.

— We need to get the accuracy of automatic authentication that will satisfy the needs of the business. If the output is a large percentage of errors, the technology is unlikely to be replicated, — have informed in VTB 24.

The Bank is still difficult to estimate the size of the investment in the project, noting that while technology is only validated, and the assessment of its value will depend on many factors, such as the choice of potential vendor solutions.

On a question “News” whether there can be difficulties in determining the client’s voice, for example, if he is hoarse, in VTB24 said that there is such a possibility.

In this case we will use additional identification by the operator. In addition, the person’s voice changes over time, but it solved the constant updating of the cast and with each subsequent client request, — said the official representative of the Bank.

Previously, such plans said the head of Sberbank German Gref.

— We have now considered a number of approaches to security issues. For example, such as voice recognition (voice identification) and image recognition (facial recognition software). These decisions, which bring the identification accuracy up to 99.9% are in high degree of readiness, — he told in exclusive interview “news” at the end of may.

German Gref hopes that within two to three years, the credit institution will be able to implement them. As explained then in a press-service of the credit institution, at that time, limited testing of the technology took place in Moscow.

The specialists then told “Izvestia” that the technology for voice identification is promising and will be in demand. However, some of them doubted that the banking market is now ready for mass application of this technology. So, the CEO of the company Zecurion Alexey Raevskiy suggested that in the future two to three years, these systems can be implemented as of a concept or pilot project.

But soon most of the obstacles to the application of biometric technologies will be addressed. As reported earlier, “Izvestia”, the next year the Russian banks will be able to use these systems legally. However, for a start it will affect only already identified by passport customers. For the introduction of new technologies and credit institutions will have to create a local database of biometric data and certify them to the FSB and FSTEC (Federal service for technical and export control).

In the savings Bank did not comment on whether the launch of the VTB24 technology of voice identification of competitive advantage for the organization. In a press-service of the largest Bank only said that authenticates the customer’s voice will be introduced in the scale of the ERKTS (the Uniform distribution of the contact center) savings Bank.