VTSIOM: Russians choose family and success

VTSIOM: Russians choose family and success


Citizens are not willing to sacrifice time with friends for money, but I want to make a career

Photo: AGN “Moscow”/Andrew Nikitichev

Over the past 25 years, according to the VTsIOM poll, the share of Russians identifying themselves as middle class. The main life values of the citizens for a quarter of a century has not changed significantly.

In the first place the residents of Russia are such qualities as will, ambition, kindness and decency. They help to achieve a higher status in society. So say 25% of the respondents. 24% of the citizens a necessary condition for achieving high social status see money, 20% is appreciated in this issue of Dating and relationships, and 18% hope for education and experience.

Middle class and consider yourself 59% of Russians. This figure slightly increased in comparison with 1991, when it was 49%. The Russian citizens are more willing to comment on their financial situation: if in 1991, respondents who found it difficult to answer the question on income, was 11% by 2016, this number dropped to 2%.

But the priorities of the Russians, which directly affect the moral and value aspects, has not changed. 25 years ago, two-thirds of our citizens are not willing to make communication with loved ones and your health to sacrifice high financial situation (64% in 1991 and 66% in 2016). Slightly increased the share of those who are willing to provide for his family at any cost — even at the expense of human relationships and well-being (20% in 2016, 16% in 1991). 9% of respondents and all sure can do a set of things and wealth to aim should not (in 1991 there were 11%).

On the question of where to invest money, the Russians responded differently. So, a big win in the lottery (e.g. 1 million) 38% of respondents would have spent on the home purchase. 9% of people would have bought stock or opened a business. This type of attachment is especially popular with young people (18 to 24 years). 8% would health by spending the money on sports, as many would put in the Bank at interest.

The Chairman of the Board VTsIOM Konstantin Abramov believes that the attitudes of Russians influenced by many factors. And today, people are clearly aware of what level of status are. The expert stressed that the number of those who identify themselves as middle class, could be much higher if not for the crisis of the past two years.

The opinion of Russians has changed under the influence of the foreign policy and socio-economic factors. Changed priorities — family and relationships with people, comfort and peace-of-mind for most is more important than material wealth, — said Konstantin Abramov. — People believe that personal success does not guarantee getting into the higher strata of society, with a high social position can be ensured and a number of independent direct person circumstances.