Washington and Moscow have exchanged criticism in connection with the Afghan problem

Washington and Moscow have exchanged criticism in connection with the Afghan problem


Вашингтон и Москва обменялись критикой в связи с афганской проблемой

Hand lay on each other responsible for the situation in Afghanistan

The authorities of Russia and the United States on Thursday exchanged accusations over policy in Afghanistan, putting the blame for the situation on each other.

Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov expressed regret that the emphasis of the new strategy of President Donald trump made to “force settlement”. “We are convinced that it is futile path,” he said.

A senior representative of the US administration, answering the question of “voice of America”, noted that the strategy that the President introduced on Monday in a televised address, is not “exclusively military”: “In this strategy, there is a notable diplomatic, political and even economic elements. So it’s a factual inaccuracy to call this strategy too militaristic”.

Russia, the source added, “spreading extremely unwholesome propaganda about their role in Afghanistan.”

Russia is also trying to claim that the United States supports the so-called “Islamic state” in Afghanistan that is “not true”.

“They’re trying to undermine our reputation in the region and sow false information about the tasks of the United States, the source added. – It doesn’t surprise me because I think that Russia sees itself as a competitor for influence in the region.”

According to U.S. authorities, concern in Moscow about ISIS suggest, the support of the Taliban.

“The extent to which Russia is supplying the Taliban with weapons, obviously is a violation of international norms,” – said Tuesday the U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson.

As stated on Thursday, Lavrov, Russia is not the first time accused of supporting the Taliban and even supplying him with weapons, however, to confirm this was not presented a single fact.

Trump this week announced that Afghanistan will provide another 4,000 troops, although previously promised to end this very long in the history of the US war. However, other details of the plan are still unclear.

Earlier Thursday in Kabul, the commander of US forces and NATO in Afghanistan General John Nicholson filed a direct appeal to the Taliban: “Before you a simple choice: stop fighting against their fellow citizens. Stop killing innocent civilians. Stop causing suffering to the Afghan people. Lay down your weapons and join Afghan society. Help to build a better future for this country and your own children.”

The General said, after the announcement of the new strategy trump clear that the Taliban cannot win on the battlefield. “It is time to join the peace process,” the General added, calling the Taliban a criminal organization more interested in profits from drugs, kidnapping and hired assassinations, rather than a better future for the Afghan people.

Nicholson added that the “Islamic state” suffers “devastating loss” in Nangarhar (a province in the East of the country), and the United States intend to follow the group everywhere and destroy it.

The conflict in Afghanistan against the background of a fragmented government and systematic corruption has become the longest in U.S. history, stretching for 16 years. It began after the attacks of al-Qaida 11 September 2001.