Washington summed up the first results of missile strikes on Syria

Washington summed up the first results of missile strikes on Syria


В Вашингтоне подвели первые итоги ракетных ударов по Сирии

The Pentagon cited three main objectives of a missile attack

In the night of Saturday the US defence Department said that during the attack on facilities in Syria, the main objectives were three “target” directly related to the manufacture and use of chemical weapons. During short-term operations of American, French and British forces fired more than 120 rockets.

The main targets were the objects located in Damascus and in the city of HOMS, about 100 kilometers North of the capital.

During a briefing in Patagona Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff General Joseph Dunford said that the first goal was a “military research center located within the city limits of Damascus where he studied the technologies associated with the creation, production, and testing of chemical and biological weapons”.

Two more targets were located near HOMS. This storage of chemical weapons West of the city – according to the us military there are basic stocks of sarin, used by the regime, as well as another military facility, “including storage of chemical weapons, and the command post of importance”.

The Pentagon has not yet reported what kind of forces were used during the operation. According to General Joseph Dunford, the action was involved in both Maritime and air forces of the USA, France and the UK.

Later, a representative of the U.S. Department of defense said that the operation involved at least one American warship in the Red sea, and strategic bombers B-1.

According to sources the newspaper “Kommersant”, under attack of missiles of the United States, France and Germany on Friday evening there were 10 facilities in Syria. These include the headquarters of the Republican guard. Battalion 105 (Damascus); air defense base, located under mount Kasyun (Damascus); airport Mezzeh (Damascus); airport Ad-Doumeira (Eastern ghouta); scientific and military center in Barzov (Damascus area); the headquarters of research center in Jamnia (suburb of Damascus); battalion 41, spetsnaz (suburb of Damascus); military units in Qalamoun (a Northern suburb of Damascus); military objects in the Kiswa (suburb of Damascus); military depots in HOMS.

Official confirmation of this information yet. Syrian state television reported that during the RAID, the air defense forces shot down 13 missiles in the Damascus suburb of al-Kiswa.

Answering questions of journalists at the Pentagon, General Dunford confirmed that attempts to shoot down missiles of the coalition really was fixed. The Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis emphasized that he was not aware of any casualties from US forces.

The Pentagon also said it has not yet received information “about any activity by Russia” in response to a rocket attack coalition.