Watch doomsday transferred ahead 30 seconds

Watch doomsday transferred ahead 30 seconds


Часы «Судного дня» перевели на 30 секунд вперед

Scientists have warned that the threat of nuclear Apocalypse became even closer

Growing tensions in the world and become more real the threat of nuclear war – the main cause of transferring the symbolic hours “doomsday” by 30 seconds ahead. Now on the dial is 23 hours and 58 minutes and, according to the authors of the project, before the “nuclear midnight” humanity has only a symbolic two minutes.

“Given the extraordinary danger of the situation, which is now the world …decided to move the minute hand 30 seconds closer to the disaster,” – said at the ceremony, held in Washington on Thursday, the President of the magazine Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Rachel Bronson.

“Watch,” better known as the Doomsday Clock was created in 1947 on the initiative of a group of scientists who participated in the project for the creation of the American atomic bomb. All these decades the project is supervised by the editorial Board Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, which publishes the prestigious University of Chicago.

71 years ago, the clock showed seven minutes to midnight, but over the past decades, their position has changed several times. In 1991, marking the end of the Cold war, the clock was exposed to 23 hours 43 minutes. And in 1953, after the test in the United States and the Soviet Union of thermonuclear warheads, the “doomsday Clock” showing two minutes to midnight.

In the beginning of last year hands of the “doomsday clock” have been translated into 30 seconds ahead after several statements by Donald trump relating to nuclear weapons and climate change.

In the beginning of 2018 the reason for switching was the conflict surrounding the nuclear program of North Korea, the ongoing deterioration of relations between the U.S. and Russia and rising tensions in the middle East.

“We hope that the change in the alignment is interpreted in the world as a warning of global risk, said at a ceremony in Washington, DC Professor University of Chicago Robert Rosner. – The time for world leaders to meet the challenges associated with the growing nuclear threat and the ongoing climate change has already passed. Now citizens around the world demanding action.”