We were watching YouTube, the scammers mainily on our PC

We were watching YouTube, the scammers mainily on our PC


While you were watching videos on YouTube, your personal computers and other gadgets, probably secretly mainile digital currency for an attacker. About it stated cyber safety specialist Troy Marsh.

March writes that for mining in this case we used the service code Coinhive that the miners learned how to embed in a commercial for the popular video sharing. Ads placed via the platform DoubleClick by Google, and malefactors, having carefully studied all its nuances, had the opportunity to use the search giant for its own purposes. Up to 80 percent of the capacity of the PC without problems you can use for mining cryptocurrency Monero is mined and unsuspecting YouTube viewers.

Marsh explained that the choice of “black miners” fell on YouTube due to the fact that on this website people spend a lot of time, spend hours browsing through different videos. Moreover, often users simply include a selection of clips and then go off to do your chores, or even sleep. But the longer you hold open YouTube in tabs, the more cryptocurrencies can earn from crooks.

“Mining cryptocurrency through ads on our and not just the website — about a new fraud scheme. We try to be aware of all such threats by constantly monitoring them through a layered detection system that automatically updates as you identify new unauthorized use of the service,” responded user administration YouTube, while noting that all such threats have been eliminated in a few hours.

However, cybersecurity experts say that these ads could be broadcast on YouTube more than a week.

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