Western Digital announced its first SATA SSDS

Western Digital announced its first SATA SSDS


Western Digital Corporation, presented SSD WD Blue and WD Green is the first SSD with SATA WD branded. The new SSDS will complement a series of hard disks for PCs and workstations — now the company offers customers a complete set of devices for data storage, reported CNews in WD.

WD Blue and WD Green — best solutions for self-Assembly of a personal computer, for upgrade or renewal works of existing PC or just to change the disk to a more modern. According to the company, the drives feature high working speed, close to maximum for your SATA devices. They have a high durability by setting the average time to failure (MTTF) and the results of testing in the lab WD on the preservation of health (F. I. T.) and high speed upload and response.

So, the new WD Blue and WD Green are distinguished by the combination of reliability at the level of 1.75 million hours MTBF, reduced energy consumption and reduced compared to conventional hard drives heat dissipation. The disc comes with a free software package WD SSD Dashboard, which allows you to continuously monitor the performance and available capacity of devices. For those interested in fast loading, durability, low power consumption and ultra-slim, WD Blue and WD Green will be the best choice, I think in WD.

“From our major Resellers and customers, there is a high demand for different options of storage devices based on flash memory, — said Eyal Bek (Eyal Bek), senior Director, division of electronic components to Western Digital. — Extensive supply network WD will ensure the wide availability of new SSD devices Western Digital. We are delighted to have completed the development and launched the WD Blue and WD Green and are confident that our customers will get what they wanted — instant loading and sufficient capacity”.


WD Blue, which are optimized for multitasking and running demanding applications, suitable for those who require high performance SATA interface.

Optimal for PCs and notebooks, the WD Blue will be produced with a capacity of 250 GB, 500 GB and 1 TB in two form factors — in the case 2.5-inch / 7mm and M. 2 2280. Speed sequential read and write for WD Blue are respectively 545 MB/s and 525 MB/s, write capacity — 400 TBW.

WD Blue