What Elon Musk has built a children’s submarine

What Elon Musk has built a children’s submarine


Yesterday ended the rescue operation, which was watched by the whole world. 12 boys and their coach were rescued from a flooded cave in Thailand. Heroes of the operation were the divers and rescue team, and Elon Musk has built a children’s submarine, which is not useful. We will try to understand why it was created.

Once it became known about children stuck in a flooded cave, his desire to assist in saving expressed the only superhero known to the world – Elon Musk. Like the main character in the comics of Batman, Musk has created a unique submarine children’s sizes, which was to help the unprepared to dive children to get out of prison.

The rescue operation began on Sunday 8 July. That day the divers managed to rescue four people from the cave. Monday July 9, rescued four more. Tuesday to the scene of the rescue work got Elon Musk with his submarine. He gave her a catchy name and said that she made with parts for rockets. Rescuers praised the product Mask, but decided to use a submarine it is inexpedient, and continued to save the children already a proven method. In the same day, the rescue operation was successfully completed.

Just returned from Cave 3. Mini-sub is ready if needed. It is made of rocket parts & Wild Boar named after a kids’ soccer team. Leaving here in case it may be useful in the future. Thailand is so beautiful. pic.twitter.com/EHNh8ydaTT

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) July 9, 2018

Think for the rescuers it was obvious the lack of necessity in the structure of the submarine. Has been found effective and easier way to rescue stuck in the cave of the children. In addition, the construction of submarines in the Mask took too much time. However, he never gave up. Why?

Do not think that we wish to challenge the purity of thought, the brilliant founder of Tesla, SpaceX and Boring Company. Elon Musk is doing great things for our world, and his desire to help people in distress, is very commendable. But did you ever think about is based on what marketing companies Mask. After all, Tesla and his other companies no cost advertising.

All advertising products, the Mask is placed in his tweets. This weekend Elon musk was a great opportunity to once again engage in his Twitter the world’s attention. All of this may seem far-fetched, if not take a look at what the results give the publication of Elon musk.

In 2014, Tesla stock rose 6% after Musk tweeted: “it’s time to introduce D and something else”. After spending less than a minute for a post in a social network, Musk added to the total cost of shares $ 2 billion. In April 2018, the cost of Tesla stock jumped after Musk’s Twitter account announced that the companies will be profitable in the third quarter.

Given the fact how much influence does each publication, Elon musk, is simply not possible not to think about it and not use for their own purposes. Musk arrived on the scene, took some photographs and showed their willingness to help brilliant ideas. Of course, he got upset when he realized that his sub as anyone and not useful, but the case is pretty good unlike the names of rescuers and divers.