What if you became… dark matter?

What if you became… dark matter?


The human body consists of about 1028 particles that are mated together. A normal person weighs 50 to 100 pounds and is on the surface of the Earth. But dark matter behaves differently. She does not interact with the nuclear or electromagnetic forces. She collides with other particles or with themselves. It interacts only with gravitational force and, as far as we can tell, this is the only force with which it is dealing. What would have happened to you, man, if suddenly all the particles of your body turned into particles of dark matter?

The difference between what you are and what you can become huge.

On Earth, we are composed of ordinary matter: for the most part in the form of atoms. At the subatomic level, atomic nuclei are associated strong nuclear force, allowing a wide variety of elements from the periodic table stably coexist in one body. It is the electromagnetic force holding your body in a unified whole, connecting atoms in molecules, cells, organs and the whole body. Gravitational pull of the Earth keeps us on the surface, and the electromagnetic force between the atoms of the Earth do not allow us to sink into the ground. Meanwhile, the Earth rotates on an orbit of the Sun, which is spinning in a galaxy that is hurtling through space.

The ISS orbiting the Earth, orbiting the Sun and moves through the galaxy simultaneously

Imagine that all the cells in our body suddenly turned out to be dominated by dark matter?

What if instead consist of Standard model particles that experience the full set of fundamental interactions, we will turn into particles that interact only gravitationally? First, of course, your body will cease to be bound into one, and you just disappear. Nuclear forces holding your core and protons together, will evaporate; the electromagnetic forces that hold atoms and molecules together, will disappear; your cells and organs will simply cease to exist.

There will be no fantastic visual effects. You will simply become invisible because not even light will be reflected from the particles of your body

Instead, due to thermal motions of the particles at a speed of 3000 m/s, dark matter, which was your body, just scatter in all directions. But even at this velocity dark matter particles will remain attached to the Earth, because their velocity will be insufficient to overcome the gravitational pull of the planet. Each individual particle, while moving in random directions, suddenly goes on an elliptical orbit with the center of the Earth in one of the foci. Without the electromagnetic force, preventing the passage of dark matter through the Ground, it simply flies until it is returned to the original position: the journey takes about 88 minutes.

Remarkably, particles of dark matter that once you were, do not lose energy when passing through the Earth. Since there are no forces other than gravity, does not prevent them, they will remain in orbit indefinitely, soaring above the Earth’s surface and returning to the starting position, where your body. You will never restore the shape of your body of these dark matter particles, each particle will always pass through the point, which was your body.

Because the Earth, Sun, galaxy and everything else is also subject to the laws of gravity, only tidal forces eventually lead to the fact that dark matter behaves differently from the atoms of the Earth. Very, very slowly tidal friction of the moon and Sun causes our planet’s rotation slows. Slightly extended day means that everything on the surface of the Earth, from the earth and the oceans with the atmosphere, will take longer to return to his original point with every turn. But not dark matter.

Instead, dark matter will slowly drift over time, moving away from its original location with the slowdown of Earth’s rotation. You see, dark matter does not depend on anything but gravity, so even when you change the rotation of the Earth, dark matter does not react to it. After only one year, the location in which is dark matter is displaced by about half a meter and will be removed geometrically over time.

While the gravitational dance of our world, Solar system and galaxy will continue the dark matter that remained tied to the Land (along with you), will drift towards all matter, spending most of his time in the depths of the Earth. But from time to time it will return to your original place, since there are no dissipative forces affect it will not. You will only have energy and momentum.