What is the policy of trump against Russia?

What is the policy of trump against Russia?


Какова политика Трампа в отношении России?

Analysts believe that the position of the US President and his administration on this issue differ

Indecisive support of the President of the United States Donald trump tougher sanctions against Russia and the recent comments on this account was interpreted in Moscow as a turning point in terms of hopes for improvement of relations.

More hard line of the USA against Russia, despite the apathy of the tramp against the Kremlin’s intervention in American elections, its complete denial of possible collusion and flattery addressed to the President Vladimir Putin to raise the question: “what is trump it is the policy of Russia?

“My opinion is that such concepts as politics trump Russia does not exist, – says Andrey Kolesnikov of Moscow Carnegie Center. – There is no such policy, and no policy of Russia towards America trump”.

Trump’s comments about Russia during his election campaign Putin was flattered and aroused Moscow hopes for cooperation with Washington. At the same time expressed their doubts about the future of NATO and Russian aggression in Ukraine have caused uncertainty among US allies.

“He said a lot on this subject during the election campaign. And after eight months it seems that his vision of what should be the relationship between the United States and Russia are not being implemented”, – said the expert of the Brookings institution James Kirchik.

One reason for this is that a political party trump and members of his administration are subject to much more stringent position than the President himself in the face of Russian aggression in Ukraine and its interference in the US elections in 2016.

Diplomacy on the principle of mutual politeness have not proven effective.

In response to U.S. sanctions and the expulsion of Russian diplomats in connection with suspicions in espionage, Moscow demanded that the US Embassy in Russia on 1 September to reduce staff by 755 people.

Despite bipartisan condemnation by the U.S. Congress of the Kremlin’s interference in the American elections, on Thursday, trump thanked Putin, saying: “We are trying to cut costs, and as for me, I am very grateful that he has reduced a large number of staff, because now we have less salary costs”.

Meanwhile, American officials claim that the U.S. administration plans to announce responses after 1 September.