Whether NASA will allow SpaceX to fly to ISS on a used...

Whether NASA will allow SpaceX to fly to ISS on a used missiles?


Next mission, during which the Dragon spacecraft will fly to the ISS could take place using already flying rocket, reports Space News. Now the idea is in the process of coordination with NASA and likely to be approved by management.

That the next mission will be preferable to use fly tier, a NASA spokesman said last Friday during a regular press conference.

Now, the Aerospace Agency to study the SpaceX technology that allows you to use the rocket again, simultaneously trying to decide whether to trust a previously flew the missile to carry a ship with cargo on Board, but if the decision is made in favor of this method, the flight will take place on 4 December 2017.

The use of flying earlier stages allows you to save money on launches, namely the reduction of flight prices Elon Musk puts the head angle. So, if it works, SpaceX is pretty good finishes this year, not only ahead of Russia by the number of launches, but also set in motion in all directions flying missiles, which will allow you to sign a couple of lucrative contracts in the future.