White house: Israel has right to self-defence

White house: Israel has right to self-defence


Белый дом: Израиль имеет право на самооборону

Washington commented on the Israeli attack on the Iranian and Syrian targets in Syria

Press Secretary of the White house Sunday issued a statement confirming that “Israel is a loyal ally of the USA and [USA] support its right to defend itself against Iranian-backed Syrian troops and irregulars in the South of Syria.”

The announcement came after Saturday’s Israeli attack approximately a dozen Iranian and Syrian targets in Syria. Israel launched air strikes after an Israeli warplane returning from an air RAID on Iranian-backed positions in Syria, was shot down by anti-aircraft fire. Before that, Israel said it shot down an Iranian drone, launched from Syria, after he flew into Israel on Friday evening.

In its statement, the White house calls “Iran and its allies to stop provocations and to join the work for peace in the region.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at the Cabinet meeting on Sunday: “We will continue to harm those trying to harm us. So our policy was, and so it will continue”.

Also on Sunday, a representative of the UN Secretary General said that all parties to the conflict in Syria and the region “are responsible and need to comply with international law and relevant resolutions of the Security Council.” The Secretary-General also called on “all to exert efforts for the immediate and unconditional escalation of violence and to exercise restraint”.

On Saturday, the Ministry of defense also said that Israel has right to defend itself against acts of aggression.

Prime Minister Netanyahu announced that on Saturday held a conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin

“I reiterated to him that we have a duty and right to defend itself from attacks from Syrian territory, – said Netanyahu. We agreed that coordination between the two armies will continue”.

Netanyahu also discussed the strike with U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson.