White house: trump trusts the head of the FBI, Christopher ray

White house: trump trusts the head of the FBI, Christopher ray


Белый дом: Трамп доверяет главе ФБР Кристоферу Рэю

The announcement came amid reports about the possible resignation of ray

The white house stressed that the FBI Director Christopher ray has the confidence of the President. A statement to this effect came after recent reports about the house that ray would prefer to resign than to give indirect pressure from President Donald trump and fire his Deputy, Andrew McCabe.

Белый дом: Трамп доверяет главе ФБР Кристоферу Рэю

“The President has full confidence in the Director, ray. He appointed him to this post not just so, and considers him a suitable person to manage that office. He is convinced that he’s doing a great job, and I’m glad he takes up the post”, – stated the press Secretary of the White house Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Informed information resource Axios announced that attorney General Jeff sessions at the urging of trump’s demands that ray dismissed McCabe and several confidants of the former Director of the FBI James Komi Republic against the background of allegations that several high-ranking Department officials demonstrate political bias in their professional activities.

The website, noting that the layoffs could cause a storm in the media, reported that the White house softened its stance after ray refused to submit to pressure.

Trump in his “Twitter” has repeatedly expressed its discontent against McCabe, noting that the wife of the FBI received $ 700,000 to conduct the election campaign in Virginia from the “puppets” Clinton and also noted with satisfaction that McCabe has the right to retire with full benefits in March of this year.

Sanders on Tuesday refused to give further comments about the situation with McCabe, saying only that he expected soon to leave office.

“He is already in the process of retirement, and I have no further comment on the matter, except that the President wants Director ray took the decision at its own discretion,” she added.

Trump on Tuesday continued to criticize the law enforcement Agency, noting that the FBI recognized that you can’t find thousands of text messages two senior employees accused of bias against Trump in the framework of investigations involving the President.

“This is one of the biggest stories in a long time: the FBI claims he lost the correspondence of lovers Stroke and page for 5 months. It’s about 50,000 messages, and all this in the peak time. Wow!” – wrote President in his Twitter.

A few days before that Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, who heads the Senate Committee on homeland security and governmental Affairs, sent ray a letter asking you to explain why were not stored correspondence between the head of the counter-terrorism division of the FBI by Peter Strzegom and associate Minister Lisa Paige.

Strzok also led the team that was investigating the case of e-mail, Hillary Clinton, was a few months ago removed from the investigation on the relationship of the tramp with Russia, when it was discovered that he and Paige held him in a romantic relationship, made a disparaging remark about trump in his correspondence during the election campaign. Missing correspondence covered a period of five months, since shortly after the election and until may of 2017.

Paige left the team spectracolor Robert Mueller before he became aware of these messages.

Last month in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, trump called the behavior of Strtok “treacherous”.

At the time, as Republicans stepped up attempts to investigate allegations of political bias in the FBI, the attorney General sessions on Monday promised to thoroughly investigate the situation with the missing messages.

“We will do our best to accurately establish why these reports cannot be filed, and will use all available technology to see if I could get them from another source, said sessions. – If we succeed, we will immediately notify the committees of Congress.”

Sanders last week expressed confidence that ray will remove all the “problem” of the FBI, manifested a bias in the investigation of Muller.

“We are pleased that Director ray takes up the post. We are confident that he will make the rubble left by his predecessor. And we look forward to a speedy completion of the investigation, Russian business, which will show what we’ve been saying all this time: that there’s nothing to find and no conspiracy was not”, – she said.