White house: trump wants good relations with Russia

White house: trump wants good relations with Russia


Белый дом: Трамп хочет хороших отношений с Россией

However, the improvement of relations depends on Moscow’s actions

Commenting on the new package of US sanctions against Russian individuals and entities, the press Secretary of the White house Sarah Sanders said that President Donald trump “wants to have good relations with Russia, but it will depend on some actions of the Russians.”

Sanders added that “the President will continue to be tough until then, until we see changes. And we will continue to work to some point was a meeting with (Russian President) Vladimir Putin”.

Sanders explained that the purpose of the meeting to “two people and two leaders were able to sit down and negotiate, and develop relationships, and, hopefully, to exert some pressure on Russia to change its behavior.”

A spokesman for the White house stressed that the US is interested in radical change of Russia’s behavior and expect an improvement in bilateral relations.