White house – U.S. cooperation with the Baltic States

White house – U.S. cooperation with the Baltic States


Белый дом – о сотрудничестве США со странами Балтии

Range of cooperation: defense, energy, the fight against misinformation

“We are very shielded [the Baltic region] … we are great friends” – said during the April 3, Baltic summit, U.S. President Donald trump.

On the same day the White house issued a document on the U.S. cooperation with the Baltic States.

As noted in the document, the President supports the intensification of efforts to strengthen defense and security of the Baltic allies in NATO.

Furthermore, the United States plans to provide the Baltic States about $ 100 million for the acquisition of large-caliber weapons and more than $ 70 million for programs to strengthen the armed forces and security forces in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Simultaneously, the United States the United States continues to improve infrastructure defence and security in the Baltic region, the document says. In this regard, in particular, the importance of international funding and education in the military sphere. The Baltic States are allocated for these purposes about 3.5 milliondollars that allows 150 students from the Baltic countries to study in military academies of the United States.

The document also notes that the U.S. armed forces cooperate with the armies of the Baltic States in the framework of multinational military exercises, in particular, SABER STRIKE and BALTOPS. This year, exercise BALTOPS, will take part more than 5000 U.S. military.

In addition, the White house is supporting the Baltic States assistance in strengthening energy security. As specified in the document, the President of trump supports the efforts of the Baltic States to diversify energy sources and improve the competitiveness of energy markets.

At the same time, recognizing the vulnerability of the energy infrastructure of the Baltic States, the United States intends to work with key stakeholders in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to improve the sustainability of the energy sector of the Baltic countries. These efforts will include expert support in the prevention, detection and response to cyber-attacks and technical assistance in the implementation of projects on diversification of energy, including synchronization of Baltic and European power grids.

A special place in the White house statement given to the development of exchange programs and other cultural ties between the U.S. and Baltic States.

The United States will provide $ 3 million for cooperation with the three Baltic States in order to combat misinformation by strengthening independent media and public broadcasting in the region.

For 2018, the U.S. Embassy in Riga, Vilnius and Tallinn is implementing a special programme dedicated to the centenary of the independence of the Baltic countries.

The U.S. state Department in cooperation with the U.S.-Baltic community is going to organize an exhibition designed to demonstrate the continuity of relations between the U.S. and Baltic States, according to the document.