White nationalists are protesting against the demolition of the monument to General...

White nationalists are protesting against the demolition of the monument to General Lee in Charlottesville


Белые националисты протестуют против сноса памятника генералу Ли в Шарлотсвилле

In the campus of the University of Virginia clashed the organizers and their opponents

A group of white nationalists gathered on Saturday at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville in preparation for the action “Merge right”, forcing the state Governor to warn people to stay away from campus.

The day before, on Friday evening, a group of demonstrators also went through the University campus in Charlottesville with torches, chanting slogans: “white Lives matter”. During this March there was a clash of white nationalists with opponents of the demonstrations.

The police had to use tear gas to prevent further violence. At least one person was arrested and several others were slightly injured.

It is expected that the larger the planned protests will take part from 2 to 6 thousand people that are unhappy with the demolition of a local monument dedicated to the memory of Confederate General Robert E. Lee, one of the military leaders of the southerners during the Civil war of 1861-1865.

Governor Terry McAuliffe announced a renewed commitment for the National guard of the state to prevent new clashes between the white nationalists and their opponents. The Governor urged virginal to stay away from the city of Charlottesville, where on Saturday held a street protest.

“I want to encourage my fellow citizens in Virginia who are contemplating on joining the shares in favor of the protesters or their opponents to change their plans in this regard”, – this statement was asked McAuliffe.

He also said he instructed security forces to act quickly and decisively to outbreaks of violence.