Wilbur Ross: US does not seek a trade war, but see a...

Wilbur Ross: US does not seek a trade war, but see a threat from China


Уилбур Росс: США не стремятся к торговой войне, но видят угрозу со стороны Китая

The U.S. Commerce Secretary said about the need to rebuff Chinese protectionism

The United States does not unleash a trade war, and trying to equalize the conditions of international trade and to resist protectionism, the Chinese, including the “direct threat” in the field of high-tech products, said on Wednesday the Minister of Commerce Wilbur Ross, speaking at the world economic forum in Davos.

Yesterday Washington imposed high tariffs on imported washing machines, and solar, calling it part of a campaign of the President of trump to protect jobs in the United States. As expected, in the future, trump will also take measures in the field of trade in steel and aluminum, as well as in relation to intellectual property rights.

“China has long been skillfully talks about free trade and even more skillfully applies protectionist measures,” said Ross.

The next challenge, according to Ross, will become China’s ambition in the field of high technology in accordance with the development plan to 2025, which aims to make China a world leader in this field with huge market share “in most all kinds of new technologies.”

“This is a direct threat. This direct threat is due to the transfer of technologies, intellectual property infringement, commercial espionage and a variety of extremely dishonest practices. It is not only overcapacity in traditional industries,” said Ross.

According to him, the United States trade representative Robert Lighthizer actively working on the investigation on intellectual property, but its report will be ready soon.