Will trump young illegal immigrants from “generations of dreams”?

Will trump young illegal immigrants from “generations of dreams”?


Поможет ли Трамп молодым нелегалам из «поколения мечты»?

Immigrants caught in the United States as a child, fear that the President will terminate the program, allowing them to work legally

WASHINGTON – it is Expected that in the near future, after months of delays, President Donald trump will decide the fate of the so-called “generation of dreams” – illegal immigrants who were in the United States, while still a child. The President acts in the conditions when this issue can be brought to court.

All the parties to a dispute preparing for a possible disposal of the trump to stop issuing new work permits under the deferred action Program for arrivals in the US children. This would mean the actual rejection programs that gave young people a reprieve from deportation and allow them to work legally in the United States.

However, the White house on Sunday insisted that he had no messages on the issue, which the President is trying to solve for months.

The discussion came during the period when trump was criticized in connection with his reaction to the rally of supporters of white supremacy in Charlottesville, Virginia. Trump still more fanned the flames of racial tension, when on Friday pardoned a former Sheriff of Maricopa County in Arizona, Joe Arpayo, who was convicted in disregard of the judge’s decision on the termination of racial profiling against Hispanics.

The pardon sparked outrage among Democrats and the aversion of some Republicans, but the most loyal voters trump took it with admiration.

With regard to the deferred action Program, which during the election campaign he called “illegal Amnesty”, the President hesitates. After the inauguration of the trump softened his stance on the issue, and at some point, the Associated Press said that the participants of the program can “relax”.

In April, trump said that his administration “is not pursuing the generation of dreams, and criminals.” Despite the outrage of supporters of tough immigration policy, all this time, DHS continued to issue people covered by the program, a two-year renewable work permits.

But now trump needs to make a decision as we approach the September 5 deadline for the administration group of Republican legislators of States headed by the attorney General of Texas Ken Paxton. Earlier this group already managed to cancel the action program adopted under President Barack Obama and provided protection for some parents living in the U.S. illegally. Now they threaten to take the Program deferred action, if the administration does not stop the issuance of permits for work by their deadline.

“He will be forced to make a decision, says Roy Beck, Executive Director of NumbersUSA, advocating for reduced immigration. – Inertia is well, until something gets in your way. Then you need to either push the gas, to carry an obstacle, or just to stop.”

But the continued issuance of work permits is one thing, but defense in court program, which trump called illegal is quite another. Many, including the head of the presidential administration of John Kelly, who previously headed the Ministry of national security, I believe that the Program of deferred action has a shaky legal basis, and will not stand in court.

The President has several options.

He can tell the Ministry to stop issuing new work permits immediately or within a specified period. He may also invite Congress to take legislative action, as was the case with Kelly. Lawmakers are discussing the possibility to make an exception for those who already became the participant of the Program deferred action. This question can be negotiable when discussing the budget and raise the debt ceiling when Congress returns to work after the August holidays.

The administration can also continue the issuance of work permits to prevent the filing of a claim referred to a group of Republicans and then refuse to defend the program in court.

The Executive Director of the Center for immigration studies mark Krikorian says he is to let the “generation of dreams” to remain in the country, but considers that the administration should use the suspended status of these young people as a bargaining tool when discussing other priorities, such as introducing new restrictions on legal immigration.

“I fear that they will give this program in exchange for some stuff,” he says, pointing to the agreement which provides funding promised by the trump border wall in exchange for a legal status for the “generation of dreams”.

“This is the only tool of influence on the Democrats in the negotiations that they have,” adds Krikorian.

Meanwhile, the participants of the Program of deferred action are preparing for the worst, says immigration lawyer from California, Sergio Garcia, through which passed thousands of applications for participation in the program.

“Alarms are enhanced. People are nervous, trying to figure out what will happen next and what will happen to them,” he says, describing the decision by trump to have mercy on Arpayo as a warning sign.

“Every time we think there is a line that the President will not go, he goes,” says Garcia.