Windows was the most secure OS. The “leaky” – Android

Windows was the most secure OS. The “leaky” – Android


Android OS took the lead in the “leaky” statistics

According to the database of the site CVE Details, tracking and systematizing the security of different software products because of coding errors, a family of Microsoft Windows in the past year showed the lowest level of vulnerability among operating systems. “skipping” forward Apple Mac OS X, and numerous versions of Linux and “leader” in the number of discovered vulnerabilities – Google Android.

According to statistics CVE Details last year in the “leaders” in the number of bugs listed Apple Mac OS X (444 vulnerability) and iOS (387). In 2016, the operating system has shifted in the rating top-50 of the most vulnerable IN 11 and 15 places from 215 and 161 detected vulnerabilities, respectively.

The most “leaky” OS 2016 Google Android, on the contrary, in 2015 had only seen 125 vulnerabilities, and increase the sad figures are more than four times in just one year.

Most often in the past year, Android has detected vulnerabilities with privilege escalation (39.8 per cent) and denial of service (25%). It is also important to note that among the 523 errors found, 254 were rated vulnerabilities CVSS (Common Vulnerability Scoring System) at the level of 9 points or above, which in practice means a very high degree of risk of such bugs.

The three “absolute leaders” in 2016 the number of vulnerabilities also includes Debian Linux and Ubuntu Linux with 319 and 278 discovered bugs, respectively. Fourth place went to media player Adobe Flash Player 266 buggy, but in 2015 he won third place with 329 vulnerabilities.

Statistics CVE Details 2016