Without a twinge of conscience

Without a twinge of conscience


Political analyst Denis Denisov — why Kiev is trying with all forces to withdraw from the Minsk process

Photo: TASS/Anton novoderezhkin

Petro Poroshenko is now the only politician in Ukraine, who consistently and systematically support the implementation of their country of the Minsk agreements. However, only in words. In fact, the steps the President has full and sole directed only to the failure of Minsk and Ukraine’s withdrawal from the negotiation process. No wonder Poroshenko is firmly entrenched image of a politician who promises a lot, but in the end acts exactly the opposite.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov States: “with regard to the Minsk agreements, I think that the Ukrainian government and President Petro Poroshenko personally want to bury them. They want to do it this way, to be able to lay the blame on the Russian population of Eastern Ukraine”. It can be assumed that such opinion is shared by leaders of Western countries, only the context of confrontation with Russia is very prevent them to declare this publicly.

The Minsk agreement is not only a set of documents outlining the algorithm for the restoration of peace in Ukraine and in the Donbass. It is also a statement that Ukraine in its administrative borders cannot continue to exist with the current political system.

It should be recognized that the political system of Ukraine, which was formed in 1991 initially was discriminatory and in reality, little correlated with the basic principles of the Constitution. Ukraine always there was a “break line” that since independence of the country nor one of its leaders tried to overcome, but it was widely used in election campaigns. We are talking about language, religious, and national issues. You can also mention about the difference of regions of Ukraine in foreign policy orientation, economic potential, different history. All this eventually led in 2014 to an open civil confrontation that escalated into a civil war.

But, as shown by the actions of the current Ukrainian authorities, these tragic events are not pushed politicians to resolve the problems. On the contrary, the coup has become for many the catalyst for actions aimed at the destruction of the state.

What makes Petro Poroshenko and his entourage are now to make every effort to exit from the Minsk agreements?

In the document as one of the key points recorded the constitutional reform of Ukraine, involving the decentralization, which, among other things, means the redistribution of cash flows and of powers between the centre and regions in favour of the latter. Naturally, authoritarian by nature and a businessman in the shower Poroshenko will do everything to make this clause of the agreement has not been fulfilled.

In addition, it is evident that continued military action he needs as an excuse to extort financial aid from Western partners. Also, there is an apparent reluctance to hold elections in the territories of the DNI and LC. Because the election law must be confirmed by the representatives of the republics, and the candidates focused on Kiev, of course, don’t have any chance to win. In addition, the adoption of the law of Ukraine “On temporary order of local government in certain districts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions” has delegated a number of powers to the regional level. It is easy to predict that this law will immediately require other regions of Ukraine, and this means the formalization of the loss of control over the management of the country.

Driven by Kiev and the fear that will come into force a law prohibiting the prosecution and punishment of persons concerning events in the Donbass. This paragraph completely contradicts one of the most important components of Ukrainian propaganda — about the irreversibility of the Ukrainian justice for the leaders of the DNI and LC. Do not want to Kiev and apply the formula for the exchange of “all for all”, as a number of political prisoners in Ukraine are in prison on trumped-up criminal cases. Refuses Poroshenko’s team (despite the court decisions in Ukraine) carry out social payments, including pensions. Ukraine simply does not the resources, and a debt to inhabitants of Donbass already billions of US dollars.

You may be wondering what steps could go a wise ruler, to end the civil war in the country, of course, assuming that he cares first and foremost about the people? Of course, all possible. In this context, how could stand the questions about the unacceptability of direct talks with the leaders of the rebel regions, or on the application of methods of total closure, which the government considers to be “their”?

But the reality is much tougher and more tragic. Therefore, the Ukrainian official representatives at the talks in Minsk without a twinge of conscience can say: “the Ukrainian side once again noted the recognition on the territory of Russia of the documents issued by self-proclaimed authorities ORDO; seizure of state and private enterprises of Ukraine and foreign companies in non-government controlled parts of Donbas and the introduction of the ruble on the territory of the astronomical clock; pseudois on the border of the ORDO, all of these actions were gross violations of the Minsk agreement, and Ukraine was forced to limit the movement of goods across the line of contact”.

These passages cannot comment on, as they have a causal link, not even twisted, and completely consists of total lies. Maybe the world has forgotten, who and when began the blockade of the territories of the DNI and the LC and when there was all the above orders?

To sum up with the phrase: “hope for the best but expect the worst.” It is obvious that the official Kiev will continue to try to “pop” out of the Minsk process, and in this context it is important to consistently uphold and deliver on the agreements that have already been achieved, as does the Russian Federation and the Republic of Donbass.