WSJ spoke about the complaints of US air force pilots Russian pilots...

WSJ spoke about the complaints of US air force pilots Russian pilots in Syria


Russian su-25 Hamim at the airbase in Syria. March 2016

Photo: Vadim Grishankin/Russian Defense Ministry Press Service via AP

Operation in Syria

“Admiral Kuznetsov” began to move from Syria to new York city
6 Jan, 13:30

The defense Ministry said about 420 sorties aviation “Admiral Kuznetsov” in Syria
6 Jan, 12:40

Even 1728 materials

According to American military pilots in planes saturated the skies over Syria, the Russian military is flying “without rules”, with the result that there are often dangerous approaching of military aircraft when performing fighting tasks

A large number of aircraft in the skies over Syria where military operations by Air and space forces of Russia and the United States air force lead to a large number of dangerous approaches and potential emergency situations, writes The Wall Street Journal. The American military pilots accuse Russia in violation of flight rules, clarifies the issue.

“They rarely meet in the air, if at all, responsible. They rarely change course, if change at all. We shy away [from the collision]. We don’t know what they see and if you can see anything at all, we don’t want them crashed into one of us”, — said the publication of Brigadier General Charles Corcoran, commander, 380 expeditionary wing, US air force, itself involved in combat missions.

In addition, the American pilots said that the Russian military aircraft did not include identification signals “violating international protocols,” the newspaper writes.

Signed in October 2015, the security agreement when flying over Syria, the situation does not improve, the Russian planes continue dangerous to get close to us, according to the pilots.