Yahoo scans all the emails of its users and transmits the data...

Yahoo scans all the emails of its users and transmits the data to the FBI and the NSA


The Statement Snowden

Ex-employee of U.S. intelligence and an expert in the field of cyber security Edward Snowden (Edward Snowden) in his Twitter account urged network users to close their accounts in Yahoo.

The reason for this was published yesterday in the American media material, in which Yahoo accused of creating a program to scan addresses of the users. “Use Yahoo? They secretly scanned all that you have written, while remaining within the scope of the law. Close your account today,” wrote Snowden. Twitter users shared his indignation. In particular, a lawyer and member of Congress Justin Amash (Justin A. Amash) is called the events “unconstitutional”.

Secret requirement

Information exposing the American online service, were published by news Agency Reuters. According to the publication, a year ago, Yahoo on the instructions of U.S. intelligence have created a special program that allows to scan mail for users.

“The company met the secret requirement of the US authorities about scanning hundreds of millions of Yahoo mail, on the instructions of the national security Agency and the FBI. This was told by three former employees of Yahoo, or another person directly involved in the process,” according to Reuters.

Edward Snowden urged users of “today” to close their accounts to Yahoo