Youth will select the new flash mob

Youth will select the new flash mob


In the presidential administration discussed an unauthorized rally

Photo: urban news Agency “Moscow”

Russia’s “generation Z” — young people aged 15-25 years was born with a button on her finger, confident in their own exceptionalism, believes that it is fashionable to be intelligent, and inclined rather to peaceful resistance, than open rebellion. Such data are contained in a study conducted by Sberbank, together with the Agency Validata. Commenting on the results, the interlocutor of “Izvestia”, close to the presidential administration, said that today’s youth are not as homogeneous and to draw conclusions about the priorities of the young generation on the example of several focus groups early. In turn, one of the Federal officials in the interview with “Izvestiya” told the leader of the “generation 14+” was “empty” and, in particular, was played by the organizers of the unsanctioned rallies last Sunday. Experts say that for the administration of the President of the Sunday events was not a surprise, discussed the figure of 8 thousand participants.

The study was conducted at the end of 2016 (published in March) and consisted of several stages, told “Izvestia” one of the project managers, the leading specialist qualitative research Agency Validata Anastasia Pole. At the first stage studied the online blogs, subscribed to by boys and girls 15-20 years. The second phase was carried out offline, it was attended by youth groups and parents as well as teachers with experience of teaching more than 10 years, leading also to extra-curricular activity (e.g., Hiking). In Moscow in the survey involved the children’s Ombudsman Yevgeny Bunimovich.

— We conducted a study in Moscow, Saratov and Barnaul, — said Anastasia Pole. Client wanted to see different regional cities, including different number of residents. Saratov we took, because it is a youth city, there is a large student campus, and in Barnaul, on the contrary, not very many young people, a small population and difficult living conditions.

Online and offline

Researchers have noted the “inherent” line of youth: a new generation of online forms the reality and not Vice versa. They are much more receptive to information presented briefly and clearly (the average period of concentration — a total of eight seconds), and icons and emoticons are often replaced by text. Trends change very quickly, long-term attachment do not exist even in music and movies, and distinct subcultures anymore.

With the parents of the “generation Z” formed a partnership, open relationship — the older generation often praises than scolding, and teenagers are less criticized parents. However adults are not the absolute authority, as children surpass them in many skills. The parents often take care of all the household duties, and young people have the skills to solve problems in real life.

Modern young people do not like and can’t be alone, tend to be popular and more value on qualities that help them to communicate. However, as the study says, each convinced in their own exceptionalism and a single generation with friends does not consider himself.

What is happiness

The main value of the generation — finding my way. In this case, “its” can only be the easy way in which a person is happy, and the difficulties a sign of a correctly chosen way. Happiness is success, you need to seek the pleasure and variety, not prestige. Work should be well paid, but not to take too much time. Today’s youth believes in more rapid success, than the success as the result of a long and purposeful actions.

It is now fashionable to be intelligent, to openly declare the love of family. Young people no longer want to be in family life than in the profession. In marriage they do not want to join before 25 years, and the distribution of social roles based on gender violated. To make a mistake and later regret about the choice they are afraid as well as disappointed parents. The lifestyle of the older generation consider it a chore, but also complete freedom of fear. To change the world young people do not want enough to make a comfortable life around him. Instead of openly rebel, they just quietly go their own way. Overall comfort and peace of mind — most importantly, what young people want for themselves in the future.

The obtained results surprised the experts, said Anastasia Pole. A similar study of the same audience already carried out three years ago, but the difference was too strong.

— Now young much more online. “Generation Z” is much less focused on his career, he has overall less ambition. They are much more eager to harmony, that was good “here and now”. It is important to find “their” but there is no need to strain and overcome any difficulty, — said Anastasia Pole. — They grow in greenhouses, many live with their parents, and they decide everything for them, up to the choice of profession.

Request for leader

A source close to the presidential administration, told “Izvestia” that the study fairly accurately reflects the mood of the so-called “generation Z,” but in this situation is to differentiate the focus groups.

— These groups have different priorities, different views on work, personal life, economic and social situation. Those who on Sunday climbed the lights — “generation Z” — are people who still have to decide, for the first time they can vote only in 2024. While they came out “fashion movement”, to walk in good weather, for them it is fun, — said the interlocutor of “Izvestia”, adding that it is on such activity, and formed a query.

According to him, the organizers of the unauthorized rally played on the court: the leader of the public opinion of this group of citizens was free. However the idea of ing sneakers on a wire in protest is not supported by the citizens, because they “referring to American history from the movie “wag the dog” clearly outdated,” says the source.

— The youth has no clearly articulated political platform they’re interested in, spontaneous. Therefore, a conditional message of “take your shoes hang on the lamp” they came only partly. Now it is important to understand who will come and occupy this vacant space, what’s the point of the future will be offered to this generation, — said the interlocutor of the edition.

One of the Federal officials, in turn, told “Izvestia” that the reasons teenagers came to an unsanctioned rally, in fact, irrelevant, since “in this environment, any signals pass quickly.”

— Now it is important to those who first will go to the polls in 2018, that is short term, — said the interlocutor of the edition. — Those who will vote in the 2024-m, is a strategic task, and they obviously already need another signal. Of course, youth — the most promising part of citizens, and they are coming tomorrow to manage the processes.

Expert opinions

According to Professor HSE Oleg Matveycheva, representatives of the younger generation is technically savvy and easy to adopt new technology. That is why the authority of older people, including parents, they have no — they believe that everyone can do for themselves.

— At the same time they have no experience in dealing with complex tasks, there is no moral experience. The younger generation is “overfed” mental fast food, which represents the content of social networks (lack of concentration, reading quotes, not books). This ideology can, alas, to play a cruel joke with them — lack of motivation and coping does not lead to serious successes, — said Oleg Matveychev.

The situation with unsanctioned rallies on the last Sunday connected, in his opinion, using the team of Alexei Navalny social network “Vkontakte”, the main audience of which are schoolchildren and students.

— Before Bulk has worked with such platforms as Facebook and LJ. As for LiveJournal is older people, past the Swamp (the rallies on Bolotnaya square in 2012. — “News”) and rated the Kiev Maidan (2014). They are difficult to interest. And pupils and students now do not even remember the events on Bolotnaya square, — said Oleg Matveychev.

Thus, according to him, for the administration of the President of the Sunday development was not unexpected — “the day before this was discussed, voiced figure of around 8 thousand people”.

— If to speak about the experience in America or Europe, in Russia now more institutions and agencies involved in youth policies — the Ministry of education, Federal Agency for youth Affairs, a special Department in AP plus a huge sector of civil society — from sports associations and NGOs to societies reconstruction and so on. Starting new projects, we learn about them in six months — said the expert.

The head of the Fund of development of civil society Konstantin Kostin said that the younger generation is also sensitive to injustice as the rest, but it is your own triggers, which can motivate to the different political actions.

— There are media that this generation consumes — reading, looking, trust. Accordingly, there are opinion leaders whom they trust. Using such communication channels that can attract young people to the different political actions. They must have formed their own motivation, which is based on the their values — why they want these elections, said Konstantin Kostin.

An unauthorized rally, according to him, the situational reaction of high school students and first-year students to injustice.

Chief of the mobilization role played by the Bryansk movie, when the man who was marked as a participant of the rally, from the lessons gone to talk to the police and the Director conducts a conversation, the meaning of which is that true patriots must support only EP. This gives rise to protest. Youth high solidarity, so the action took place, but she was like a flash mob. Meeting situational, emotional reaction, and therefore short-term — summed up the expert.

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