ZTE raises money for smartphone-controlled eyes

ZTE raises money for smartphone-controlled eyes


The collection of money for a smartphone

The Chinese company ZTE Corporation has started collecting funds for the American crowdsourcing platform Kickstarter for a smartphone Hawkeye. The announcement was made in Las Vegas during the annual Consumer Electronic Services (CES). Product Hawkeye created under the CSX Project.

The idea of the CSX Project is to create a smartphone conceived by the users themselves. Within his community, numbering about 12 thousand users, ZTE started collecting ideas for the future of the smartphone.

The best ideas were selected through a vote. Then ZTE has submitted a proposal in its R&D center to assess their realism, which was followed by a second vote.

Management eyes

Thus selected ideas were embodied in the smartphone Hawkeye. The main innovation of the device will be the technology of the i-tracking, which will track the eye movements of users. This will allow, for example, to scroll web pages by moving pupils.

ZTE Hawkeye