Zuckerberg testifies in Congress about the leak of user data

Zuckerberg testifies in Congress about the leak of user data


Цукерберг даст показания в Конгрессе об утечке пользовательских данных

The head of Facebook will speak at the hearings in Comitee the house of representatives on energy and Commerce

CEO Facebook mark Zuckerberg testifies in Congress about the scandal surrounding the leak of user data the social network.

The house Committee on energy and Commerce on Wednesday announced that Zuckerberg April 11, will testify to a British consulting company Cambridge Analytica, received access to the data of tens of millions of Facebook users, which could be used to influence American voters. The company has worked on the campaign headquarters of Donald trump in 2016, having received almost $ 6 million.

Committee Chairman Greg Walden and the leading Democrat Frank Pallone expressed his hope that the hearing would “shed light on key issues in the field of data privacy and help all Americans to understand what is happening with their personal information online.” This is the first of three committees of Congress asked Zuckerberg to testify.

Meanwhile, senior representatives of Facebook, during a private meeting with representatives of Congress are unable to answer questions about how the company and third-party software developers use and protect user data.

It is unclear, will Congress or the administration to take some action against Facebook, but the company is able to counteract the efforts of the regulators.

At Facebook there is a powerful lobby that promotes the interests of the company in Washington. According to the documents of the house of representatives and the Senate, in 2017, the company has spent more than $ 17 million on lobbying efforts, mainly in services to corporate lobbying services, which includes former political consultants of both parties. The company was engaged in lobbying efforts on several issues, including possible changes to government surveillance programs, and corporate taxation.