Zuckerberg testifies in Congress on the protection of user data in Facebook

Zuckerberg testifies in Congress on the protection of user data in Facebook


Цукерберг даст показания в Конгрессе о защите пользовательских данных в Facebook

Guide Facebook admits his mistakes, but notes that most of the information users place in the networks themselves

The head of Facebook mark Zuckerberg apologized for the “breach of trust”, referring to the use of data 87 million users the company Cambridge Analytica.

In the coming days, Zuckerberg testifies in Congress, but it is still unclear whether these hearings to real changes in the human rights situation on the protection of private life.

Mark Zuckerberg is able to admit that we were wrong.

“Our views on our responsibilities were not broad enough, he said. And it was a huge mistake. It was my mistake.”

Can admit they were wrong and the Facebook Director of operations Sheryl Sandberg.

“We made big mistakes, and we know it”, she said.

However, to take full responsibility the leadership of Facebook is not ready.

“Facebook has information about you mainly because you decided to share,” notes Sandberg.

“It was information that people have posted publicly on Facebook,” she explains.

Based on these justification can be suggested by the discussions that will take place on the days when Zuckerberg will testify in Congress about the improper handling of data, approximately 87 million users of the social network by the political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica.

“In the US much of what takes place on online platforms including Facebook and the app stores is made on the basis of self-regulation, stresses Joseph Jerome from the Center for the defence of democracy and technology. – Those checks, the actual law enforcement that happens, are never something super fine”.

This means that companies are paying relatively small price for their bad behavior.

“The Federal trade Commission was able to impose a fine on Google, but the amount of the fine was only $ 20 million, which according to my estimates, is about half the daily income of Google. It turns out that the fines are something like a cost of doing business,” said Joseph Jerome.

This business still involves the exchange of user data with third-party application developers. Despite nedostatochnoe transparency, in the view of Sandberg, the social network is guided by a noble purpose.

“We believe in a world in which people can share information with each other and discover things together – emphasizes Sheryl Sandberg. We are simply not thoroughly thought out instances of poor use of data”.

Perhaps by Tuesday the heads of Facebook should seriously consider this question.